Cast & Crew

You made it this far, that’s really great!
I hope that you like to read, because there’s a lot to digest.
Understand why we went this far to make this film.
We live in a world of dysfunction.
We wanted to shed some light on a very sensitive subject.

Todd Bruno as Peter
Johanna Cure as Amy
Karen Chimato – as Eliza
Larry Robinson – as Joe
Ephram Sims – as Shawn T.
Laura Valdez-Aldana
Laura Vazquez-Aldana – as Amy Lynn
Katie Mackey – as Anton
Alan Myles Heyman
Alan Myles Heyman – as Joshua
Lenin Valladares
Lenin Valladares – as Anton
Bryan H
Bryan Hildago – as Davey
Wil J. Jackson – as Sean
Chiko Mendez II as Davey
Richard Sosa
Richard Sosa – as Pete Erwin
Nicholle Hawkins – as Sharon’s illusion
Ahmad Hasson – 1st Assistant Director
Ayana Khaan – Producer
David Molino
David Molino – Writer, Producer, Director
I can’t say “Thank you” enough to these incredible performers.
It is their dedication to the craft that has made this film possible.
I will remain deeply indebted to you all, for your participation.
~David Molino

A special Thank you to Kimberly Petschen

Kimberly Petschenas Sharon

Writer, Producer, Director David Bruce

Now watch the movie and tell me what you think!

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