Trauma bonding

Trauma bonding is when you’re attached to a person who consistently betrays you in one way or another. Yet, you feel addicted to the abuser and panic at the mere thought of leaving. One part of you wants to leave, another, stay. This inner conflict usually stems from the abuser’s confusing behavior, shifting from cruel to tender. You find yourself making excuses for their behaviors no matter how many times you get hurt. One of the reasons for trauma bonding is the attempt of resolving your childhood traumas through the destructive relationship. You try to get the abuser to change and love you even though they show little or no capacity for healthy love.

One way to break this unhealthy addiction to a person is to undergo trauma therapy. Two of these therapies are the evidence-based treatment methods EMDR (eye movement desensitization and reprocessing) and IFS (Internal family systems therapy). These treatments help you to resolve your childhood traumas, release stuck energy from your body, and give your body and mind long-awaited relief. EMDR and IFS also help you to finally put the past in the past and give you a real chance of living in the moment and being more at ease with your body and mind.


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