I remember some time ago, I was about 22 years old driving to a friend’s house and I spotted this hot, very tall, very sexy, beautiful young woman walking down the street. I jumped out of the car letting the car continue to coast down the street. (nice car too) She had on a super hot mini-skirt, super-size tatas standing up, and 7″ heels on as well. She became frantic because the car was still rolling down the street. I didn’t care, I just wanted her phone number. Guess what! I got her number, in addition to that, I took her out to lunch and then dinner, later we went out dancing at a popular nightspot, and eventually to my crib. Can’t begin to tell you the fantasies that I had that night, perfect body, beautiful face, I was in heaven. She stayed with me for about 3-4 days and I was fine with her staying with me for as long as she liked. Eventually, she needed to go home and get some things, so I drove her to her home, went inside and sat on the couch. Her mother came in, introduced herself politely. I thought very nice lady, I could see where her daughter got her good looks, Mom was a knockout! She said to me calmly; how old did she tell you she was?
I said 19. She looked at me straight in the eyes with a pitiful look on her face and she said “she is only 14” The look on my face changed to extreme dumb-ass, a truly WTF moment. I was ready to run for the door. Mom said to me “you better take good care of my daughter”, “and nothing better happen to her either, I’m holding you…” The daughter abruptly came into the room with her things and was ready to leave. Her Mom said goodbye reiterating “remember what I said”. I spent the next three months trying to figure a way out of this mess. I wouldn’t dare be intimate with her after that, which caused a lot of tension between us. She became angry and at times physically abusive. I was saved by her Mom sending her away to an all girls school. I ended up driving cross country to take her there, at my expense. The lesson that I learned; my life could have taken a turn for the worse, I had no idea that she was so young, considering that I took her out to a nightclub a few nights before, spent three days hanging out at my place, I just assumed the obvious without giving thought to my actions. Could have easily turned into a very bad situation. Being completely oblivious is not an excuse

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