The art of collaboration

Having the dream of being a filmmaker and actually walking the talk is an arduous task. You’ll find that everyone you meet will all have some ulterior motive to befriend you and your project. Most will talk behind your back with negative comments. For every good you do they will find a hundred wrongs. They envy your success and attribute it to their contributions. If you have a camera or means to bring a project into fruition, such as production resources, they’ll buy their way in, only to betray you after they have exhausted all that they can pilferage from your acquaintance. You cut them loose only to find the the smell of a vile stench of their poisonous envy permeating. You stand alone with a few whom you can trust and rely on without reservation. Saddened that it took so many souls to find just a few who believe. So here I stand, half way to the finish line, counting every penny, having faith in myself and in God that I have something meaningful to say on the big screen.

~David Molino

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