Drugs, Booze & Woes

I started this film project with the intent of raising awareness about the growing trends of drugs and alcohol addiction, the rise in untreated mental illness, and the lack of a proper psychological prognosis (the likely course of a disease or ailment) and treatment. I’m sure that we all have a moment that distorted our own clarity or lack thereof. No matter how you take on this subject, people are turned off, because it is a reminder of something that we all don’t want to admit or see. A bad drunk is a game changer, but rarely does it change the game, until they kill someone. Abuse and addiction it is the aftermath of something tragic that spiraled downward until finally reaching rock bottom. It starts out one way and ends another. I lost four friends to suicide and addiction that lead to overdose. It could have been avoided, I say over and over again, it could have been prevented, and it could. I took the blame for not answering the phone. I got tired of dealing with their issues, until life ended abruptly and I played the I’m sorry card. I knew exactly how it was going to end, and it did. In each of my characters you find a similarity to someone you may know, and understand the disconnection one takes as a last resort. So easily are we able to judge and find offensive their language or actions in this film, but the real world mirrors the reality that the world is cruel, your blood is worth more than your tears. We choose to not listen, to filter and live in denial, imagine that the sun is always shining. Drugs, Booze & Woes is reminder that Sodom and Gomorrah does exist, and hell is a playground full of fools. It would ne nice to open dialog and address this social issue from a new perspective. What are your thoughts?

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