Drugs, Booze & Woes


The hardest part about making a film is money, and the other is finding Actor’s who can pull off the material, be open minded, and can handle all of the many challenges laid out in front of them, in making this film.

As a Writer – Director, I ask myself, is it really worth it, I push the envelope against the grain. My answer is, I’m staying true north on this one, and I will make my film regardless of the comments from the many haters who have nothing positive to say. I can’t fit the circle in the square hole; is there something wrong with me?.

I have the best of the best Actors available in South Florida in my film, and their performances are stellar, with roles to really sink their teeth in. I’ve got a production team that is 100% dependable, never a whine or whimper, and are available at the drop of the hat… Producer’s Ayana Khaan & Quinton Mack are there with me 100%, on this bumpy ride, making sure that I’m on track, believer’s who see the finish line.

When it’s done, we will celebrate the Art of Film, by doing what we love, and by challenging ourselves with content that is not so easy to pull off, or cliché.

Support the underdog and encourage him to the finish line; for the haters, keep on hating!

For the true fan’s and friends, thank you for your support.
~David Molino


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